Lifetime Members

Lifetime membership is conferred upon those members who have been active dues paying members for at least five years prior to retirement. Lifetime members do not pay annual dues. Names are submitted every year at the meeting to be voted on. If you think you qualify, please email us at

Steve Watson
Carl Viars
Billy James
Michelle Patrick
Rebecca Snoddy
Karla Jones
George Edwards
Yvonne Johnson
Dorothy Goode
Grant Culliver
Kathy Quattlebaum
Martha White
Sarah Still
Jimmy Patrick
Beth Alford
Phil Bryant

Willie Thomas
Sharon Shannon
Annie Latimore
Mark Bruton
John Cummins
David Mixon
Cecilia Tubbs
Laura Day
Joe Deese
Lee Gunn
Sandra Hill
Elaine Lewis
Robert Longshore
Terry McDonnell
Pam Pettis
Bill Wynne

Freddie Butler
Charles Edwards
Gwynn Mosely
Velinda Weatherly
Cynthia Dillard
Gladys Deese
Donna Mixson
Lynda Moody
David Ryan
Whitt Latham
Jim Lee
Glenn Wiley
Mary An Frianapolis
Alan Caudle
George Brown
Roxie Craig

Billy Cox
C.E. Davis
Tom Ferguson
Warren Gaston
Bill Gilmore
Elmo Graves
Joyce Jones
Herman Knapp
Jack Lufkin
Lewis McMillan
Henry Rawls
William R. Ray
James Waller
Don Wilson